Attendance Information

If you are interested in attending DAYMUNC {{< 2020>}}, email the Secretary General at [email protected]

DAYMUNC registration fee:

The payment fee per delegate is $45. We were able to keep the fee at the same rate this year.  The option for payment of DAYMUNC Delegate fees is the same as last year.  Below are the following instructions by Sinclair Community College’s (SCC) Office of the Bursar on how payments are to be made:
Sinclair requires payment of deposits or full delegate payments directly to the College Bursar’s office and John Coyle assists us with this process.  If you have any questions about payment of DAYMUNC Delegate fees, you may contact Mr. Coyle at 937-512-5343. There is a website where you can pay by credit card (see link below). If you want to pay in by check, the memo line on your check should read Model UN and the check should be mailed to: Bursar, Sinclair Community College, 444 West Third Street, Dayton 45402-1460. Alternatively, you can bring a check or credit card to registration on the morning of February 2nd; a representative from the Bursar will be there to take payments (at 8:00 a.m.).

Online payment is at:!764784730!910004141&body=pc_step2_body.jsp.

A deposit is necessary to guarantee your country assignments. If you have any problems making payment through SCC Bursar’s website, we recommend you bring your check or credit card to registration on February 2, 2018 or mailing a check to the Bursar.

A note on registration and country assignments:

In keeping with past practice, we will try to make sure that everyone who wants one gets a Security Council country; since we normally have many schools in attendance, this means that initially, we will assign each school no more than one SC member. However, as time goes on and SC members have not been spoken for, we will start assigning more than one to schools who want them. Members of the Security Council need four delegates to cover each committee; non-members require three. One delegate per country per committee, please - we discourage doubling up.